HIGH QUALITY Financial Models

Our mission is to ensure that the financial modelling process is as smooth as possible, so when the crunch time hits at Financial Close for the financial model audit, the hard work has been done.

 Our models are built by bankers, who know what investment banks and financiers require from a financial model. Over $1bn has been raised using financial models we have built. 

We use world class error checking software and tools to build and check financial models.

We do not believe in building models from scratch, but rather from bespoke best of breed templates which are then customised for each deal.  This has worked successfully for us in deals ranging from renewable energy to PPPs and property.  This enables us to execute faster than traditional modelling houses.

We believe that AI is the future of financial modelling, and look to include automation and AI, where appropriate, in our work.

We believe in adopting an agile approach to financial model building.  This is a highly iterative approach while allows us to get a first draft of the model to our clients as soon as possible.  The agile model building methodology incorporates frequent checks and the ability to adapt to requirements as they change.

Nexus believes in using best of breed financial modelling templates that are adaptable to different types of deals.

Bankers who know what banks need

A financial close financial model is built with one purpose in mind – to raise capital and close the deal.

Nexus’ team of experienced bankers and financial modellers know what financiers and sponsors need to see to close a deal.

First line of financial model defense

Too many financial models fall apart or cause deals to be delayed at the model audit stage.

Nexus Financial Modelling performs in-deal financial model assessments to ensure that financial model audits are passed quickly and cleanly.

Reputational and financial risk

A financial model with errors is not only a financial risk, it is a reputational risk as well.

We make sure your financial models are as accurate as possible so that you can focus on structuring the best deal possible.

Due to the nature of the work we perform, often acting as a second pair of eyes for our clients, we retain client confidentiality and do not disclose our clients.

Require a financial model assessment or a customised financial model?