Why Assess Your Models

Why should you check your model?

Why should you have your financial model reviewed, especially when you have a team of dealmakers or will still obtain a financial model audit?  If you are “yes” to any of the following questions, you should consider a pre-audit financial model review.
  • Are the staff members typically responsible for the financial model junior staff members?
  • Are you using a financial model for decision making?
  • Are you using a template from a previous deal that has not been custom built?
  • Are you relying on a financial modeller to build and edit a financial model for you?
  • Will you go to investment and credit committees before a financial model audit?
  • Is your financial model VBA code being reviewed to the extent it should be?
  • Do you fully understand any VBA code being used in your model which could affect structuring and outputs?
  • Does your financial model give unexpected results?
  • Is auditing the financial model cost prohibitive?
  • Does your financial modeller fully understand the entire model, including any VBA code?
If you have answer “Yes” to any of these questions, contact us to review your financial model.  Our transparent and clear pricing can be seen on our Services page, and we are ready to review your model.

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Don't get caught out by your model

Although the financial model is often at the nexus of every deal, and significant decisions are made based on it, it is often assumed to be correct.  Reliance is placed on the model prior to audit, without it being significantly checked.  The model may even contain VBA code that is not fully understood by the financial modeller or the deal team, or perhaps a template was used from a previous deal.

Credit and investment decisions and theses are presented based on the financial model – but history has shown that most financial models contain errors.  Nexus Financial Modelling offers our clients the ability to assess and review the financial model prior to a full model audit at a much lower cost than a traditional model audit.  We enable our clients to feel confident that their financial model accurately reflects the deal.

We do not provide a model audit or provide written assurance.

Well Known Financial Model Errors